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The 20 Most Common Furnishing Mistakes

1. Ruin style with unsightly household chores

The mistake: It’s strange: When furnishing, most people pay attention to quality and aesthetics – and then ruin the style of the apartment with brightly colored dishcloths, unsightly storage baskets and aggressively printed cleaning agents in the visible area. A little faux pas that makes a big difference and, luckily, is easy to correct.


This is how it works: Pour detergent and soap into neutral pump bottles, buy nice storage jars, replace dishcloths and tea towels with nice textiles. The effort is worth it; after all, you see them every day. You can find beautiful examples in our photo gallery cleaning utensils.


2. Mix Too Many Colors and Materials

The mistake: some rooms just look inharmonious, no matter how much effort you put into tidying up. The reason: Too many colors, materials and styles create confusion and prevent the apartment from calming down. And when you add the everyday things that are always lying around somewhere, the chaos is perfect.


This is how it works: Limit yourself to natural colors and materials, for example white, muted tones plus wood and stone. So you can mix furniture and accessories from very different origins and expand the facility again and again – it will always look harmonious. And the color? It comes by itself when you live.


3. Hoarding Too Many Books

The mistake: Bet that there are rows of books on your shelf that you are guaranteed not to read a second time? Just. A crammed shelf doesn’t look cozy, as we like to pretend, but just – crammed full. You are also giving away valuable space.


This is how it works: sort out books, give them away or sell them, enjoy a tidy shelf and have more space for beautiful things.

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