Urlaub und Reisen

Sleeping with the roe deer in the fields of Tuscany

It was the 11th day of Via Francigena trail when we hiked close to 17 kms from the city Siena to the city Buonconvento.You can enjoy the complete video here: https://youtu.be/gE5trQWVrzUOn the working day 11 of our By using Francigena hike we were back again on the path after a 4 working day rest in the campsite. So we experienced our breakfast, wrapped every little thing up just in time for the tractor to occur to the subject and at 8.30 am we had been out on the trail. So we have been out on the path and the very first several kilometers we had been heading up and down a little bit but mostly flat and in the shadow all the way to locality Quinciano. That day we have viewed a large amount of yellow clear fields with moved grass and no grapes or olive trees on it. There were being nevertheless a great deal of typical landscapes that working day of the limitless hills, Cyprus trees on the side of the streets main to the huge homes on major of the hills. So most of the day we hiked via the routes alongside the fields with just about no shadow and it was very cruel to us mainly because the sun was still quite potent. We passed along a good deal of sunflower fields as perfectly that day and they have been incredibly very. The mix of blue skies, inexperienced hills and yellow bouquets was a perfect one…What was the most deserted place you at any time expended a night in?


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