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Kid Healthy Lunches

Healthy lunches are essential especially if they got back to school. Those lunch ideas down below are great because no heating  or micro wave is needed. They are easy. Those Lunches are perfect whether your kid is going to school or staying at home. If your kid is going to school, before trying those recipes,  please make sure if there are any food restrictions in the school. You can even print the recipes and start cooking!

Lunch with Pasta

Pasta is a food that everyone loves! A few boxes of pasta in the pantry is going to help you for quick lunch recipes. With just one box of pasta, you can create different tastes. Spinach pesto pasta, broccoli pesto pasta, pesto pasta salad, pasta with marinara sauce are just couple of them. If you want to maket he recipe healthier, you can always use fresh vegetables. Also you can make a big salad aside.

Lunch with Quesadillas

Quesadillas are yummy. You can use wheat or corn tortillas as you wish. They are easy to make and ready just in few seconds. You can cook simple cheese quesadillas. Use wheat or corn tortillas and add dices grapes. You can also add roasted carrots on the side. If you want a little bit of more flavor. Salsa will be great! There are different variations you can choose for Lunches with quesadillas. Sweet potato and cheese quesadillas, sheet pan black bean quesadillas are couple of them. For those who want to have more protein in Lunches they can always add chicken.

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