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Ever imagined of growing strawberries at dwelling? If so, you’re not by yourself. Strawberries are a fantastic preference for any home vegetable back garden.  Refreshing strawberries are a delightful fruit bursting with natural vitamins and minerals. They can be eaten fresh new or additional to desserts.  But, of training course, you previously know that.

So, let’s get into escalating strawberries at dwelling.


growing strawberries at home

Strawberries develop in temperate climates all around the planet.  Strawberries can be developed in containers, on balconies, in small areas and even indoors.

Strawberries are perennial in mother nature and, if grown thoroughly, you can harvest strawberries year just after yr.

Wherever Do Strawberries Increase Greatest?

Strawberries expand greatest in interesting to temperate climates and you should really purpose to have them pretty mature for the hottest part of summer season hits. Strawberries really should be planted in whole solar. Soil really should be a bit acidic, the the best possible assortment is a pH in between 5.8 and 6.2. the soil need to make it possible for for good drainage.

When Ought to Strawberries be Planted?

Strawberries can be planted in early Spring (march and April) or in the Drop.  If you’re hoping for fruit in your initial time, planting your strawberries in the Fall is a improved possibility.

What Type of Strawberries

There are a few major kinds of strawberries:

  • June-bearing strawberries, as the name suggests, create just one big crop in excess of close to 2 to 3 weeks.  June-bearers produce the greatest fruit.
  • Everbearing strawberries produce a large early crop (not as massive as the crop manufactured by the June bearers) coupled with a next, smaller sized, late period crop.
  • Day-neutral strawberries deliver fruit through the increasing year.

Planting Strawberries

When expanding strawberries at household, we advocate starting off with strawberry crops rather than seeds as seeds can be challenging to get started.  Strawberries must be planted into mounds about 6 to 8 inches substantial.  Make sure you dig down and break up the soil underneath the mound to permit the roots to unfold.  Be mindful not to plant your strawberries much too shallow as that can trigger the roots to dry out.

Immediately after planting, use a mulch like pine needles (to retain to soil acidic) and to guard against weeds and to sustain a cooler soil temperature.

Be certain to drinking water thoroughly after planting.


Normal watering is a should for strawberries.  Relying on the local weather up to 2 inches for each 7 days must be ample to maintain the soil moist and your strawberries happy.


Strawberries really should be permitted to ripen in advance of getting picked or ideally lower.  Intention for a working day or 2 just after the fruit has turned crimson and harvest each individual 3 times.

Strawberries are best stored dry in the fridge.  They typically hold for 3 to 5 times.

So now you are all set to setting up expanding strawberries at house. Superior luck!

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